Customized Redistribution

Delivering Medical Supplies When and Exactly How You Want Them
Hospitals and medical providers have enough to worry about these days without adding unreliable supply distribution to the list. But, that’s often the reality when dealing with traditional medical supply distributors. The difference between life and death shouldn’t come down to logistics. That’s why, CoSo Health is innovating healthcare logistics with a new model that puts you in control.

Ready-to-Use Supplies Eliminates the Hassles and Expenses of On-site Storage

CoSo Health is solving more than just distribution issues. Bypassing the middleman, we warehouse your medical supplies and deliver the exact supplies you need for multiple products just-in-time – when and where you need them. We reduce the hassles of bulk orders – eliminating waste, reducing the expense of on-site storage, and optimizing utilization across all your locations.

We’re solving customer distribution issues with innovative technology – an online platform called CHIP – that makes just-in-time distribution not only scalable but transparent and reliable. You can order and track your items in real-time with a full audit trail, all done by CHIP.  Read more about our CHIP technology >

With CoSo Health, you’ll receive:

Gain Real-time Data for Optimal Utilization of Medical Devices

Most medical devices manufacturers sell through large distributors. This supply chain process leaves manufacturers with access to little data on utilization – at best, a 90-day lag time is common or worse, no data at all. Medical device and diagnostic equipment manufacturers can now bypass distributors and sell directly to hospital systems and medical practices using our innovative CHIP platform. CHIP gives you real-time data for precise inventory management, utilization metrics, and accurate forecasting. This access to real-time data, reporting and tracking is proving more valuable each day as more facilities turn toward managing point-of-care on-site. With our innovative CHIP platform, manufacturers can ensure optimization of equipment, resulting in increased revenue and stronger partnerships with customers.

“Solving clinical supply and logistics issues every time”

“CoSo Health is the obvious choice for clinical supply management and logistics: superior customer service, flexible solutions, and proactive planning to solve any challenge we send their way. When other suppliers couldn’t deliver, they found a way to procure and transport critical ancillary supplies to Mexico in record time. CoSo Health always delivers… even during industry-wide supply shortages.”
Michelle Murphy Clapp, Program Manager, Clinical Trials, ICON

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