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Centralized warehousing, real-time inventory data, customized solutions, and reliability guaranteed. Looking to control your supply chain? Want hassle-free logistics? CoSo Health puts you in control 24/7.


"Truly an innovative healthcare logistics model
and the best partner that we’ve worked with.”

Troy Martin, Chief of Staff, COVID-19 Prevention Network

We come through when it counts… every time.

Direct Sourcing

We’ve changed the supply chain model: sourcing directly from manufacturers to skip the middleman. You’ll experience reliable quality, competitive pricing... hassle free.

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Global Distribution

On-the-ground partners and decades of experience allow us to distribute efficiently around the globe. We streamline overseas shipping and navigate import-export so you reliably get the supplies you need.


Centralized Warehousing

When you want to “own” your supplies, we centrally store your inventory in our warehouse until you need it. Then, we ship it where and when you need it within 2-3 days… guaranteed.

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Customized Redistribution

We customize pack-outs so you get the exact quantities you need to any location. You’ll love how easy it is to customize orders, set reorder alerts and track everything real-time.

Powered by Chip
Our proven, cloud-based CHIP inventory platform gives you complete control over your supply chain – from supply procurement to real-time inventory management to centralized warehousing and pack-outs.

Reliable. Hassle-free. Healthcare Logistics… Solved.

We deliver customized solutions and hassle-free logistics. Each step of your supply chain integrated in one source.

Driven by innovation, we’re on a mission to reinvent healthcare logistics. Centralized warehousing and real-time inventory management let us manage the details and give you peace of mind. Reliable, efficient and hassle-free solutions customized to your enterprise.

We solve the toughest challenges in healthcare logistics.

CoSo Health pioneered centralized healthcare supply management to reliably distribute supplies to clinical trials in a pandemic. We’re problem solvers who solve the toughest issues in healthcare logistics. We’ve gained the trust of large healthcare brands by solving any logistics issue you have:

No problem is too big. Who knows what we’ll solve next?

Who We Work With

Relied on by clinical trials, public health, hospitals and schools as your partner in healthcare supply management.

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“CHIP’s real-time inventory management is a game changer”

“Streamlined from start to finish, CoSo Health sourced directly from manufacturers distributing clinical supplies to 300 sites in the US, 4 countries in Latin America and 8 countries in Africa faster than other suppliers. Problem solvers, they found a new route to import supplies into Brazil, reducing costs by 75%. CoSo Health’s web-based CHIP platform allowed sites to place orders directly and us to track supplies real-time from warehouses in each region to trial sites – all on an expedited timeline. Truly an innovative healthcare logistics model and the best partner that we’ve worked with.”
Troy Martin, Chief of Staff, COVID-19 Prevention Network

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