Medinol Partners with CoSo Health to Launch the EluNIR™ Drug-Eluting Stent in the U.S.

CoSo Health to work with U.S. Endovascular and others to reach the U.S. market

May 23, 2023

DENVER, Colorado – May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ CoSo Health today announced signing a U.S. distribution agreement with Medinol for EluNIR™, a new generation, thin-strut drug-eluting stent (DES). Medinol is a global leader in the development of innovative implantable medical devices. U.S. Endovascular sells peripheral and coronary devices nationwide.

CoSo Health is changing the way medical devices are distributed and sold. Through its sales rep-light model, innovative cloud-based logistics platform and customized delivery model, CoSo Health cuts waste from the supply chain.  

The announcement comes at a time when hospitals, payers and outpatient facilities are seeking ways to reduce surgical costs.

We are extremely excited to partner with CoSo Health to expand our reach within the U.S. We are both innovators – Medinol with world-class implantable device technology and CoSo Health with logistics and distribution. Together, we are disrupting the distribution of drug-eluting stents through a direct-to-end user model that brings tremendous economic value to purchasers.
Jeff Roach, Chief Commercial Officer, Medinol

The EluNIR DES offers excellent clinical outcomes and an outstanding safety profile. Its best-in-class metal-to-artery ratio and ultra-durable polymer coating, along with a unique delivery system, combine to provide a new standard in treatment capabilities. Successive generations of EluNIR are coming to the global market soon.

“EluNIR is a tremendous option for physicians seeking a next-generation DES,” said Jae Lee, CEO of CoSo Health. “For healthcare buyers, we see a great opportunity to obtain one of the world’s best drug-eluting stents through a model that reduces supply chain costs.”

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