Full-Service Logistics

Managing Every Step of Your Healthcare Supply Chain

One Source for Direct Sourcing, Centralized Warehousing & Customized Redistribution

In today’s digital age, consumers expect convenient, fast, and hassle-free service at the touch of a button. Why shouldn’t you expect the same when ordering critical medical supplies for your hospital, school, or business? The short answer is you can with CoSo Health. We’re redefining the healthcare supply chain with an innovative online platform, customized logistics solutions, and supply networks that disrupt the model of sourcing, warehousing, and distributing medical supplies to hospitals, medical practices, clinical trials, school systems, and others who need these supplies.

Logistics Is What We Do. Technology Is How We Do It.

Our logistical approach is powered by our technology, and that’s what differentiates us from all others in this field. During the pandemic, we introduced a full-service healthcare logistics model centered around a user-friendly online platform, CHIP, that provides you real-time inventory tracking, centralized warehousing, and customized distribution. Managing healthcare supply management from start to finish allows us to be faster, more efficient, and hassle-free. Read more about our CHIP technology >

Going Straight to the Source for Critical Supplies

We partner directly from manufacturers in Asia, bypassing brokers and distributors, to eliminate the potential for healthcare supply shortages, delays, and quality issues. Thorough testing and quality controls allow us to reliably deliver supplies that meet your exact specifications at the right time and in ready-to-use condition. Plus, our experienced staff have worked for decades with these trusted manufacturers that guarantee you the fastest delivery times at highly competitive pricing.

Unlike our competitors, we have a proven, global network of reliable manufacturers in place and ready to work directly with us. We manage all the logistics for your healthcare supply chain so you get a worry-free solution. Learn more about our direct sourcing capabilities >

Global Distribution Saves You Time and Money

We’ve been solving global logistical challenges for 20 years including figuring out the fastest, most efficient method to get medical supplies delivered globally. On-the-ground relationships across 6 continents give us a competitive advantage that helps us save time at every step and allow us to streamline overseas shipping, navigate import-export, and rethink routes so you reliably get what you need, when and where you need it. Read more about our efficient global distribution >

Centralized Warehousing: So You Can Focus on Patient Care

CoSo Health centrally stores your medical supplies, diagnostic kits, and medical devices. We import everything you’ll need directly to our warehouse in Colorado, essentially becoming your centralized warehouse. It gives our customers complete control over their inventory. That means no over ordering, losing supplies in a makeshift warehouse, or overcrowded medical supply closets. You always have what you need and can focus on patient care instead of warehousing.

Having a centrally located US warehouse means we are able to ship supplies to you within 2-3 business days. Compare that to our competitors which often ship supplies from overseas – turning delivery times into weeks. When you need your supplies nearby or distributed in another country, we manage a regional warehouse. Learn how we can take away your storage burden with centralized warehousing >

Customized Redistribution: How You Want It, When and Where You Need It.

We provide customized pack-outs and kitting services packing the exact quantities for multiple products in the same box and shipping it direct to your local hospital, clinic, or clinical trial site. By customizing your order and shipping when needed, we’ve streamlined inventory management so you get what you need faster and cost effectively. It minimizes waste and eliminates the hassles of storing extra supplies.

Fast, efficient, and customized distribution of your medical supplies is proof of our full-service healthcare logistics solution. We pride ourselves on delivering on your toughest logistics challenges, like the time we delivered urgently needed clinical trial supplies in the middle of a snowstorm that shut down most transportation avenues. Read more about our customized redistribution >

Powered by CHIP, Our Healthcare Logistics Platform

Our CHIP technology platform powers every step of the logistical process – from direct sourcing and global distribution to centralized warehousing and redistribution. We’ve made healthcare logistics streamlined and hassle-free with real-time inventory management, automated reminder alerts, accurate forecasting, and more. Learn more about our inventory management tools for data-driven decisions >

CoSo Health is reinventing how healthcare manages their supply chain for the better.
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