Meeting Education’s Distinct Supply Needs with a Customized Solution
Supply shortages underlined the vulnerability of universities, colleges and K-12 schools’ supply chain during the pandemic. Schools needed to quickly access protective equipment and supplies for teachers, staff, and students while traditional sources were out of stock for months. Most schools lacked adequate on-site storage and had a new need for centralized warehousing and distribution of exact quantities needed at each school. Looking forward, many educational institutions are rethinking their supply chain procurement and logistical needs so they can have dependable sourcing, warehousing and just-in-time distribution. CoSo Health is the only provider that offers such a system.

Streamlined Supply Management: A New Model for Schools

A reliable supply chain is critical for educational institutions as teachers, staff and students return to in-person classrooms this school year. CoSo Health has the infrastructure in place to handle logistics for school systems across the US. CoSo Health has a streamlined supply management solution that gives you complete control over your supply chain from start to finish:

We Know the Unique Needs of Schools

CoSo Health successfully sourced hard-to-find supplies, warehoused and distributed personal protective equipment for teachers, staff and students during the pandemic. We partnered with public school systems, like Aurora Public Schools, Colorado Springs School District, Denver Public Schools and Lincoln Public Schools, who often lack centralized warehousing and an efficient system for distributing supplies when needed to each school with little on-site storage.

Universities and colleges faced similar challenges to find supplies in demand at competitive prices, maintain reserves to protect from future shortages and distribute supplies often from our centralized warehouse. We stepped in to help several support their faculty, staff and student needs, including University of California, Los Angeles, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Vanderbilt. Our recent work with schools, built on 20 years of extensive logistics expertise, lets us reliably and rapidly solve supply management challenges with solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Proven Results for Universities and School Systems

Real-time Supply Management for Informed Decisions

Powered by CHIP, our supply management platform works similar to easy-to-use consumer sites, like Amazon. We’ve streamlined supply management so it is simple and fast to order supplies and manage inventory 24/7 from any computer or mobile device.

Bottom line: Schools and universities trust CoSo Health to manage healthcare supplies and protective equipment for teachers, staff and students. CoSo Health is an expert in supply management so you can focus on what you excel at: education.

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