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Streamlined Supply Management: Reliable, Faster, Proven When It Counts
CoSo Health played a critical role throughout the pandemic supporting federal and state public health organizations to reliably source and distribute clinical trial supplies and critical laboratory and medical supplies to COVID testing sites. It became imperative to provide centralized warehousing and an easy to use, online supply management platform to enable distribution when needed to each location without the hassles and expenses of storing extra supplies on-site.

Real-time Supply Management: Powered by CHIP Technology

Looking ahead, CoSo Health believes public health organizations will continue to need a turnkey supply management solution and real-time inventory management. Our user-friendly, online CHIP platform has simplified supply management making it more reliable, faster and easier to manage than even before:

Proven Public Health Experience During Pandemic

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CoSo Health is a trusted partner to US government-sponsored clinical trials. CoSo Health sourced 60 million and distributed 25 million clinical supplies to more than 250 COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial sites across the US and 50 trial sites in Africa, South America and Central America during the pandemic.

Full-Service Supply Management: From Start to Finish

CoSo Health provides a supply management solution that gives you control over your clinical trial supply chain from start to finish:
Bottom line: Public health organizations trust CoSo Health to source, warehouse and deliver clinical trial supplies when needed to clinical trial sites across the US and worldwide. Reliable, competitively priced and on-time… every time.

“CHIP’s real-time inventory management is a game changer”

“Streamlined from start to finish, CoSo Health sourced directly from manufacturers distributing clinical supplies to 300 sites in the US, 4 countries in Latin America and 8 countries in Africa faster than other suppliers. Problem solvers, they found a new route to import supplies into Brazil, reducing costs by 75%. CoSo Health’s web-based CHIP platform allowed sites to place orders directly and us to track supplies real-time from warehouses in each region to trial sites – all on an expedited timeline. Truly an innovative healthcare logistics model and the best partner that we’ve worked with.”
Troy Martin, Chief of Staff, COVID-19 Prevention Network

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